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Digital video captured in a virtual w
world or other 3d game environment


The Marvels of Machinima
Machinima is a neologism that combines the words machine and cinema. What began as a way of documenting fabulous runs in video games has evolved into a new kind of cinemativ art form. "Machinima" opens possibilitties for filmmakers from new ways of storyboarding to an entirely new way of making films. Machinimatographers use screen capture software to "film" in virtual worlds or 3d game environments. Whether in documentary , non-fiction, or narrative genres, machinima-makers employ a range of techniques from cinema, video, television, and web styles.

My Machinima
I use machiniima for many different purposes--to make movies, to document my explorations of the virtual world Second Life, and to articulate my findings in a new form of scholarhship that complements writing.

L1Aura Loire/
Lori Landay